kyoto garden 3

a whole fascade made of living plants, conglomerate one on top of another

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a shed in a carpark, not only for human-beings


In a carpark for the surrounding residents, a shed-ecosystem-homes made of old bamboo ladders, treasured scraps, living plants and creatures. During my repeated visits, I was fortunate to have met its human companion/caretaker, who told me that the ladders were discarded from his workplace. He liked to collect different kinds of wood for their fragrance, and even gave me a small bottle of a particularly good-smelling kind, carefully made into shavings. DSC09107sDSC09105s

Another morning when I walked by, the whole family was engaged in a kind of careful excavasion of one of the piles, due to complaints from the neighbour that it was fostering mosquitos. Under rotting woodboards, we uncovered eggs of geckos, which hunt the mosquitos. (I was gifted some.)


The whole structure was joined without nails or screws, only through a twisting of wire (of various thickness, including telephone wire) which join short pieces of wood sticks together, in a piecemeal construction/growth.



Here, string, wire, roots, branches, plants alive present and past, entangle together in a porous co-existence.

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